Inexpensive “Family Day” Ideas

In this age and time, when our work commitments and busy schedules takes and keeps us away from our family, the need for a family day each week is understood. After all, not many of us get to spend a few hours together with our families each day; and this results in us not knowing how to behave around them when we do get the chance. Unfortunately, the results can be more dangerous as the years pass. Not only will your busy schedule make your family feel like they would come second to it; but it also dissolves any chances of having a close-knit family.

If done right, family days won’t cost you a thing. Here are a few of our tips and ideas.

Time for a cycling picnic

Just try saying the word picnic around your family and watch as their faces transform! We don’t really understand the reason for it, but picnics, especially picnics, definitely hold a special place in many people’s hearts. If you see bicycles for sale in your locality, don’t hesitate to grab them up. A picnic only gets better with a little riding and exercising. Most parks allow picnics now-a-days, so don’t be too worried about the location. And don’t forget to bring electronic free entertainment with you! Go right here if you are looking for perfect bicycles. 

Board game night with the family

We know that not everyone gets excited about using their BMX bikes; especially in unforgiving weather. If your family feels this way, ask them about how they feel about playing board games; something suitable for any weather! Many young kids are unfamiliar with the board games so popular in the earlier decades. If your kids are the same, seize this opportunity to get them hooked on a game you grew up with…!

Camping out…in the concreate jungle

Camping is something that will interest most families. But camping take planning, and freeing yourself for a few days at the very least. If you cannot arrange for that; don’t despair. Camping out in your very own garden can be fun as well; especially if you have very young kids. Take out your portable grill and sleeping bags; and let your imagination play the rest. It’s possible even if you live in a gardenless apartment. This can happen on rooftops as well; just pay very close attention to your bucket fire pit,

Taking your family to war

Nothing like a warzone to bring the family together—the fun kind of wars of course! Paintball fights and water gun/balloon fights require you to leave the home and get a little messy. And that can be fun! But if you want to have fun minus the mess (or if your kids are a little too young to be splattered on), consider opting to playing with nerf guns. The “bullets” are harmless and suitable for even young kids.

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